The Stony Brook Center

New England's Center for Sexual Addiction Treatment

Welcome to the Stony Brook Center, New England's outpatient center for the treatment of compulsive sexual behavior and sex addiction.

We offer individual psychotherapy, services for partners, group and couple therapy as well as intensive outpatient workshops. We are dedicated to providing our clients with a safe, private and confidential therapeutic experience.

The Stony Brook Center treatment services includes:

• A comprehensive assessment
• Diagnosis
• Individual psychotherapy
• Partner/spouse psychotherapy
• Couple therapy
• Men's group
• Women's group
• Partner/spouse group
• Intensive outpatient workshops
• Referral to other providers
• Consultation

What is sexual addiction?

Sex addiction, also known as sexual compulsivity, is any sexual behavior which has become out-of-control, resulting in shame, secrecy and despair for the individual and his or her family members.

People with sexually addictive/compulsive behavior often report that they have developed a double life, are isolated, and overwhelmed by anxiety or depression. The behavior often impacts the individual's relationships, family life and work or school.

Sexual addiction is often rooted in past trauma, neglect or abuse.

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